“When I grow up, I want to become a pilot”: a dream many of us had during their childhood. And TUI fly can make this dream come true!

We offer 2 unique pilot training programs. And there is more: after successful completion, you will be offered 3 summer contracts (of at least 8 months each), with the possibility to apply for a permanent contract at TUI fly later on in your career!  


The training program

As a pilot, you must be able to link theory to practice. That is why our programs offer both.

Thanks to interactive courses, e-learning and simulator exercises, you will be a qualified First Officer after 1,5 years (the Fast track) or 3 years & 3 months (the Classic track). After completion, you will be type rated on the Boeing 737. The classes are taught by experienced pilots and a professional team of teachers who will support you during the entire program and teach you everything a pilot needs to know.


The Classic track: Become a pilot in 3 years & 3 months 

You’ll be trained to become a pilot and you’ll work part-time for TUI fly. This way, you help financing the training program and make your dream come true without having to worry about a financial burden!

This training program has the same content as the Fast track. As mentioned before, you will be employed part-time in our offices, which provides an excellent opportunity to learn the tricks of the trade, while earning a salary and helping to finance your training program. As a result, the cost of the training program is reduced: you only pay €10,000 a year, or €30.000 in total. This is significantly cheaper than other pilot training programs!

After successfully completing the program, your job security is guaranteed: we offer you 3 seasonal contracts of at least 8 months each. Afterwards you can apply for a permanent position at TUI fly.


The Fast track: Become a pilot in 1 year & 6 months

The second program takes 18 months and it has the same content as the Classic track. The main difference with the longer program is that you will be full-time trained to be a First Officer. As the courses are taught in English, a good knowledge of this language is a requirement. The cost of this program is €25.000, per year or €50.000 in total.


The selections for the MPL program in the TUI flight MPL Academy are closed. More information about the selections, open house days and the MPL program in 2019, will be announced in the beginning of March 2019.