TUI cargo ready for Covid 19 vaccine transport

The COVID-19 pandemic and, consequently, the sudden and significant drop of cargo capacity on passenger aircraft, resulted in an increased demand of cargo-only flights. TUI has extended its existing passenger and cargo operations with cargo-only operations on passenger aircraft since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis.


The next level

In the world of cargo transport, TUI as an airline has a long-lasting, worldwide and tailor-made experience. An experience that TUI continues to take to the next level for cargo. In April 2020 TUI achieved a new  milestone as airline operating a series of cargo-in-cabin missions from Shenzhen (China) to Hannover transporting Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).  On board of the widebody fleet, TUI has been distributing medical equipment and other cargo across the world.


“At TUI, we are unique in the sense that we have the experience of operating to more ‘exotic locations’ as a result of our normal passenger program and we do not limit ourselves to a standard network.” Roel Martens, head of ad hoc sales says.  TUI has in the meantime operated numerus flights all around the world with all kinds of cargo: general cargo, automotive, perishables, and even medical supplies. TUI keeps on innovating in the market of cargo and has adapted its offering to almost every need for transport around the world. Some of these are really important to support local economies. TUI cargo is known and appreciated for its flexibility. “Not only does TUI offer tailor-made charter flights, but in partnership with ECS Group, TUI can be the solution for all full service transport need. TUI delivers the highest standards and reliability levels due to the modern fleet”

Transporting crucial vaccines

With the recent experiences in the cargo industry, including flights with cargo in cabin for medical equipment, TUI is taking the next steps to respond adequately to the demand of the cargo market. Dieter Bruneel, Director Operations Western Region: “The delivery and transportation of the Covid-19 vaccine is going to be one of the largest logistical undertakings in history. We at TUI look forward to facilitate in this challenge, by transporting crucial vaccines and pharmaceutical products around the world. Pharmaceutical and life science products require stringent handling and transport conditions, or potentially the medicine loses its potency and may become ineffective. This creates additional operational challenges. We look forward to contribute to the worldwide challenge of transporting crucial vaccines and pharmaceutical products to support recovery: the faster this health crisis is under control, the faster all of our customers at TUI can enjoy their holidays again with us, their trusted partner” Dieter Bruneel says.


TUI Cargo is being coordinated on a group level by Leen Vander Kuylen, Director Supplier Management & Procurement at TUI Aviation.

Publié le 7 janvier 2021